Residential Electric Service



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    December 1969
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RESIDENTIAL ELECTRIC SERVICE UTILITY RATE SCHEDULE E-1 A. APPLICABILITY: This schedule applies to separately metered single-family residential dwellings receiving retail energy services from the City of Palo Alto Utilities. B. TERRITORY: This rate schedule applies everywhere the City of Palo Alto provides electric service. C. UNBUNDLED RATES: Per kilowatt-hour (kWh) Tier 1 usage Tier 2 usage 100%-200% of Tier 1 Tier 3 usage Over 200% of Tier 1 D. SPECIAL NOTES: 1. Calculation of Cost Components The actual bill amount is calculated based on the applicable rates in Section C above and adjusted for any applicable discounts, surcharges and/or taxes. On a customer’s bill statement, the bill amount may be broken down into appropriate components as calculated under Section C. 2. Calculation of Usage Tiers Tier 1 electricity usage shall be calculated and billed based upon a level of 10 kWh per day, prorated by meter reading days of service. As an example, for a 30-day bill, the Tier 1 level would be 300 kWh. For further discussion of bill calculation and proration, refer to Rule and Regulation 11. {End} Commodity $0.05448 Distribution $0.03755 Public Benefits $0.00321 Total $0.09524 0.07654 0.10349 0.05045 0.06729 0.00321 0.00321 0.13020 0.17399 CITY OF PALO ALTO UTILITIES Issued by the City Council Supersedes Sheet No E-1-1 dated 11-1-2008 Effective 7-1-2009 Sheet No E-1-1