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Our team of Italian lawyers and consultants can assist foreign clients with all aspects of conveyance related to the purchase, sale or lease of a property in Italy and its islands and Republic of San Marino.
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SERVICES Our team of Italian lawyers and consultants can assist foreign clients with all aspects of conveyance related to the purchase, sale or lease of a property in Italy and its islands and Republic of San Marino. All our clients are in direct stable contact with the attorney handling their matter, receiving regular updates on status of the transaction. Our company has very competitive rates. Engaging our company typically means saving more money throughout the process (i.e., tax benefits, appropriate strategy, negotiations with involved parties, etc.) than is spent in legal fees. We offer our clients a comprehensive assistance and counseling service, in most cases for a pre-established flat fee. The legal work is carried out by experienced Italian lawyers and consultants. OUR SPECIFIC AREAS OF EXPERTISE INCLUDE: MARKET ANALYSIS AND OPPORTUNITY SEARCH SERVICE For a flat fee or a retainer fee, our professionals will develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s requirements and search out properties ideal for the client’s profile. This time-saving solution will keep many foreign buyers free from scouring through websites, travelling to Italy, meeting with agents and attending inspections. Properties will be evaluated in terms of potential for capital gain and Rental Return, quality of location, potential for renovation or redevelopment, etc. As a result, our company will provide a detailed report, including pictures and videos of the property that will be personally inspected by our professionals. The benefits of local market expertise and knowledge have been found to be a key benefit of using a property finder. PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT AND DUE DILIGENCE ON THE PROPERTY  Search and review of Chamber of Commerce records regarding vendor/owner’s financial constraints  Collection and review of property information recorded in Italian public registries  Review of seller’s right and power to sell the property SERVICES MANAGEMENT OF THE PURCHASE PROCESS Our comprehensive consultancy service includes consultancy and management of all phases related to the purchase of a property in Italy. Your presence is in Italy is not required. Our services include:  Negotiation of the Purchase Price  Coordination with the real estate agent/s and negotiation of the agent’s fees  Drafting, translation and legalization of the power of attorney  Preparation, review, counseling or amendment of the Formal Offer (Reservation Offer) and meeting with the seller (if needed)  Preparation, review, counseling or amendment and execution on behalf of client of the Preliminary Contract of Sale (“Contratto Preliminare di Compravendita, also known as “Compromesso”) according to the purchaser’s specific personal needs and exchange with the other party  Assistance with payment of the deposit without the need to be physically present in Italy  Preparation of customized interim transaction reports for our clients prior to completion with details of all transaction terms, effects and related recommended course of action up to completion  Execution and formalization of Final Agreement (“Rogito Notarile”)  Coordination with the Owner/Vendor and the local Notary Public  Representation of client before the Notary on the basis of a Power of Attorney  Provision of advice on how to perform payments without being physically present in Italy (payment of Notary fees, Real Estate agent fees, payment of purchase price and taxes) LEGAL DOCUMENTS AND TRANSLATIONS  Drafting of any legal document related to the purchase of a property in Italy (Power of Attorney*, Preliminary Contract of Sale, Contract of Sale, etc.)  Certified legal translations (e.g., contracts, deeds, certificates of the vital records, divorce decrees, dual citizenship documents, technical reports, etc.)  Legalization for international use of any foreign document (legalization through the local consulate or Apostille Seal) SERVICES *Our firm has established procedures for people located abroad, for instance in the U.S., UK or Australia, to prepare, finalize and execute international Power of Attorney documents abroad, valid for use in Italy, completely via email and courier. Our protocol does not require the assistance of Italian Consular Offices and that makes the process more flexible and easier for our clients. Depending on the country where the Power of Attorney document has to be signed and specific circumstances, this can be carried out in as fast as 5 business days. FINANCIAL, LEGAL AND FISCAL MATTERS COUNSELING  Provision of counseling and legal advice on purchase tax benefits and income tax, municipal and national tax duties;  Provision of information and legal advice regarding the Italian law applicable to Italian property purchase when the buyer is married  Assistance in obtaining a mortgage and/or loan (“mutuo”); OBTAINMENT OF ITALIAN TAX CODE AND SET-UP AND MANAGEMENT OF ITALIAN BANK ACCOUNT  Obtainment of Italian Tax Code that is necessary to complete all real estate transactions in Italy  Set-up and management if Italian Bank account with cheque books and on-line access OTHER SERVICES  In-person counsel during meetings, negotiations, contracting, etc.;  Skype meetings and conference calls  Assistance with set up and connection of utilities (electricity, water, etc.);  Assistance regarding insurance contracts, security systems, maintenance agreements, etc. ON GOING REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES In the case of Italian real estate acquired by individuals or through an Italian or foreign company and rented out to third parties, we also provide highly specialized management SERVICES services including: search of a new tenant upon expiration of the contract of lease, preparation and execution on behalf of the client of the rental agreement, collection of rent on behalf of the owner and management of the Italian bank, preparation of Italian tax returns (in connection with our partner accounting firm) and compliance with all tax and administrative requirements. LEASE CONTRACTS We can liaise between the property owners and tenants. Our Firm can assist you in drafting rental agreements or land management contracts. We understand the legal risk of allowing somebody into your property without a contract and are able to prepare bi-lingual rental agreement for rental purposes. If you need to protect your rights it is advisable to use the services of an Italian expert in the real estate field that can negotiate an appropriate rental contract, its terms and conditions to meet your needs. Source: