State Of The Art Novel Inflow Tech: ·1-gearturbine Reaction Turbine Rotary Turbo, ·2-imploturbocompressor Impulse Turbine 1 Compression Step

Featured Project Development - State of the Art Novel InFlow Technology: 1-Gearturbine, Rotary-Turbo, 2-Imploturbocompressor, One Compression Step: ·1-Gearturbine: Reaction Turbine, ·Rotary-Turbo, Similar System of the Aeolipile ·Heron Steam Device from 10-70 AD, ·With Retrodynamic = DextroGiro/RPM VS LevoGiro/InFlow, + ·Ying Yang Circular Power Type, ·Non Waste Parasitic Power Looses Type, ·8-X,Y Thermodynamic Cycle Way Steps, Patent: #197187 / IMPI - MX. ·2-Imploturbocompressor: Impulse Turbine, ·Implo-Ducted, One Moving Part System Excellence Design, · InFlow Goes from Macro-Flow to Micro-Flow by Implosion/And Inverse, ·One Compression Step, ·Circular Dynamic Motion. Implosion Way Type, ·Same Nature of a Hurricane Satellite View.
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    August 2021
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Transcript turbine/un2slbar3s94 State of the Ar t Novel InFlowTech State of the Art - Novel InFlow Tech - Featured Project Development; |/ *1; Gearturbine Project, Rotary Turbo, Have the similar basic system of the Aeolipilie Heron Steam Turbine device from Alexandria 1070 AD · With Retrodynamic = DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow + Ying Yang Way Power Type - Non Waste Looses · 8X/Y Thermodynamic CYCLE Way Steps. 4 Turbos, Higher ef cient percent. No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target signature Pat:197187IMPI MX Dic1991 Atypical Motor Engine Type. |/ *2; Imploturbocompressor; Implo-Ducted, One Moving Part System Excellence Design - The InFlow Interaction comes from Macro-Flow and goes to Micro-Flow by Implossion - Only One Compression Step; In ow, Compression and out ow at one simple circular dynamic motion / New Concept. To see a Imploturbocompressor animation, is possible on a simple way, just to check an Hurricane Satellite view, and same in ow way nature. CARLOS BARRERA 12 DE ABRIL DE 2017 20:24 Imploturbocompressor Receiving Flow Active Propulsion Flow Imploturbocompressor Imploturbocompressor Up Cut Imploturbocompressor Imploturbocompressor Up View A-Receiving, B-Propulsion Imploturbocompressor Imploturbocompressor A-Receiving, B-Propulsion InSide Turbo Fan Blades Imploturbocompressor ImploCavity LikeHurricane Imploturbocompressor Lateral Cut Imploturbocompressor Imploturbocompressor Lateral View Fron View Imploturbocompressor GEARTURBINE All Parts Isometric Draw ROTOR AND SHELL GEARTURBINE GEARTURBINE ROTOR PARTS ROTOR PARTS GEARTURBINE GEARTURBINE LATERAL CUT CENTER OF THE ROTOR GEARTURBINE ROTOR TURBOS DRAW GEARTURBINE SIMILAR OF TWO SNAKES EL NORTE GEARTURBINE NEWSPAPER MTY. MEX. RETRODYNAMIC EFFECT MUY INTERESNATE SCIENTIFIC MAGAZINE GEARTURBINE 8-X/Y CYCLE - Way Steps MUY INTERESANTE SCIENTIFIC MAGAZINE GEARTURBINE RETRODYNAMIC INFLOW MUY INTERESANTE SCIENTIFIC MAGAZINE GEARTURBINE INSIDE ROTOR CONDUITS GEARTURBINE ROTOR PARTS GEARTURBINE INSIDE ROTOR CONDUITS GEARTURBINE CENTER OF THE ROTOR GEARTURBINE SHEL GEARTURBINE FRONT CUT DRAW GEARTURBINE PATENT DRAW GEARTURBINE LATERAL CUT DRAW GEARTURBINE ALL PARTS ※※※※※※