Unforseen Traffic Accidents

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Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad I G.RAGHAVA REDDY, belong to IPS cadre of Andhra Pradesh. I retired as DIG of police in 1988. I am a recipient OF "INDIAN POLICE MEDAL" for Meritorious service. I was also decorated with prestigious "PRESIDENT'S POLICE MEDAL" for distinguished service. I am a visiting faculty to NATIONAL POLICE ACADEMY FOR IPS officers AND NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RURAL DEVPT HYDERABAD AND SWAMI RAMANANDA THRTHA INSTITUTE OF SOCIO ECONOMICE RESEARCH Hyderabad as a social service. After 32years of tumultuous Police career I settled down in a rural area to do some thing good to suffering farmers. I embarked on commercial cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic plants. I succeeded in bringing out phenomenal results in this fascinating field of agricultural scenario. I penned my autobiography book "AS I LOOK BACK". It finds place in all police libraries and academies in the country AND NATIONAL LIBRARY Kolkata. Renowned columnists and towering personalities reviewed the book and their opinions are being put in my blog in raghavagongidi.sulekha.com. I express my appreciation to Madam Neha Community Manager for her able guidance and excellent cooperation in puttig EXCERPTS FROM MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Finally, I say that "THE LIFE CAN GIVE YOU HUNDRED REASONS TO CRY BUT YOU GIVE LIFE THOUSAND REASONS TO SMILE" Unforeseen Traffic accidents Thinking about traffic accidents is like opening Pandora box. It is everybody’s concern and invariably involves unending discussion on this excruciating conundrum at all levels, at all times at all places in all angles with no solution in sight. All accidents are unforeseen. Accident means an unanticipated occurrence unexpectedly. Any accident has to be censoriously viewed in two ways. One due to “Direct negligence” and the other due to “Contributory negligence”. Direct negligence is that probability where a person has knowledge that his or her action is likely to cause accident by rash and negligent act, like drunken driving. In case of drunken driving the driver would be knowing that driving after consuming alcohol beyond a particular level will be hazardous and accident is probable. This is termed as direct negligence and an offence punishable for rash and negligent act under section 304(A) IPC. Conceptually known as “PROBABILITY” The other is contributory negligence where the victim of the accident involves himself by contributing his negligence by rash and negligent act. This is known as contributory negligence and punishable under same section 304(A) IPC. Conceptually known as “POSSIBILITY” I quote two cases to elucidate the two aspects of negligence and contributory negligence of the accident out of my personal experience as Deputy Commissioner of police Traffic Hyderabad metro in 1979. Direct negligence can be assessed from this true accident case. Sushant a smart young man of 30 years was the only son of a leading business magnate in Hyderabad and was residing with his parents in a palatial bungalow in posh locality of Banjarahills, Hyderabad city. He married a well-educated young, hand some gorgeous, elegant lady Ambalika from Mumbai just two years before. They had no issues. He was running his roaring real estate business from his fabulously decorated office in Secunderabad. The parents of Sushant did not like their only daughter in law Ambalika taking up any job assignment although she was well qualified, perhaps to exhibit their vulgar wealth. Ambalika remained a homemaker with all modern paraphernalia with lot of leisure and money at her disposal. Generally, both these qualities breed egoism leading to arrogance and vaunt and this young socializing lady was no exception. She used to drive her posh car and mostly spending her time in fabulous company of fashionable young ladies in kitty parties in star hotels. This kitty phenomenon is becoming a prestige symbol in big cities creating problems to aging mother in laws, perhaps in some cases husbands too!! Shushant was always busy in his money spinning business, paying more concentration for making money and looked as though he was living for money and in the processes his attention towards Ambalika became scanty. Sushant’s parents were proud of their young son, minting money, acquiring influence and gaining hold on all means to multiply his wealth. What a proud parents they were? Sushant had a vivacious young unmarried lady Abhyata was his Secretary. This attractive vivacious damsel was so dynamic with her infectious smile that she became cynosure of all eyes, a good booster for successful business. Sushant developed an irrepressible lurking pull towards Abhyata his secretary leading to inevitable consequence of her becoming a commanding executive and enviable romanticist to him. One day in summer months of 1979, Sushant and his secretary Abhyatha after office hours went out to spend a pleasant evening. This type of relaxation has become an unavoidable concomitant in the present day whirlpool of so-called love. In Secunderabad, Nanking is an old Chinese restaurant popular for crisp chicken like KFC of USA . They went in to that restaurant. Sushant enjoyed three or four pegs of Black dog scotch while Abhyatha being a teetotaler just had some soft drink and they had sumptuous dinner in love making mood with irretrievable depth of pull for each other. They were out for actual enjoyment.. Around 10 in the night Sushant sat on the wheel of his Fiat car and Abhyata in the front, went round in the ill lit side roads in love making posture and positions, and then got on to the main road to return to Hyderabad. Abhyatha then set right her disturbed vanity box in the rear seat and protested to Sushant that his driving car in such condition was not safe particularly because traffic police would be surprisingly checking the drunken driving by breath analyzers and couples straying in the night. Sushant was not in a mood to give the wheel to Abhyatha and started speeding up on the main arterial Tank Bund Road connecting the twin cities. On that night, I myself was assessing the traffic police utilizing the breath analyzers in the middle of the busy and arterial Tank bund Road a romantic rendezvous of great scenic beauty. Seeing traffic police checking drunken driving, Sushant in his drunken condition lost control over the speeding fiat car hit the foot path violently falling on the sharp edge on his right temple of his head and Abhyatha thrown out on the plain part of the wide foot path sustaining simple injuries. Tank bund Road in the Evening The car was in such high speed that two front wheels dashed the strong iron railing of the tank bund lake and precariously stopped hanging in to Hussain sagar tank. Fortunately, Abhyatha pulled hand break in time, other wise the Hussainsagar would have been the pool of their death in love, as both of them did not know swimming. Lakeside Garden with Blooming flowers Early in the Morning This ghastly accident occurred a few yards away from me where I was standing in uniform. I got Sushant shifted to Osmania General Hospital and Abhyatha to her house police car, as she was under shock and was afraid of her parents. Sushant being injured in the temple area of his head slipped in to coma due to brain concussion. The young man died in hospital after three days of groaning in the intensive care unit. Then usual unholy combination of corrupt junior traffic police officers and influential parents started giving twist to the accident under the impression that I as traffic police chief with multifarious duties of greater importance and urgency would not be able to apply my mind in handling the case personally. The rich parents taking law for granted started giving a twist to the accident that Abhyatha was on the wheel to put a claim for hefty amount from insurance company. I asked my own inspector who was investigating the case to record my evidence as an eyewitness to save Abhyatha and avoid the avaricious and unscrupulous parents putting up false insurance claim. The malaise of ignominious corruption is another excruciating and obnoxious aspect of traffic accidents. The press and media had all their appreciation for my honest effort to sustain justice for hapless young lady Abhyatha. Finally, we closed the case as “abated” as the accused driver Sushant died and Abhyatha was not found guilty of any offence. Imagine the intricacies of one traffic accident, keeping in view hundreds of such accidents occurring round the clock all over. The enormity and complexity of traffic accidents day-to-day are obvious. .Now the viewers have a clear idea of the gravity and circumspection of this traumatic problem of man killing the man by negligence. After the death of Sushant, the rich parents realized the harsh reality of life that their only son was more important than Ill-gotten wealth. Ambalika, the young widow came to senses that glowing fashion, glittering jewellery, and show of wealth do not get back her husband and all the kitty parties and social friends and acquaintances are all a passing show. Being an educated lady Ambalika excruciatingly realized the cruel truth that life is precious and one has to be architect of his or her own precious life with great alacrity and adherence to honorable principles in shaping their life style. Now we go to the second aspect of contributory negligence. This is also a true traffic accident in 1979.A retired head master from Guntur came to Secunderabad to see his son working in Railways. His granddaughter aged 8 years was studying in famous St Anne’s girl’s high school Secunderabad. One day at 3 pm, the old man came to the school to take his grand daughter home and stood on the other side of the main road. The school ayah brought the children out and was waiting for traffic signal clearance. The grand daughter of the old man on seeing her grandfather on the other side of the road suddenly ran across the main road. The old man rushed towards the child, came under the wheels of a military truck, and died instantaneously. This old man running across the main road when all other pedestrians were waiting had contributed his negligence in meeting this unfortunate accident. This is an accident by contributory negligence. In fine, this tragic gruesome accident leaves an intrinsically valuable lesson that Sushant instead of breathing his last in the lap of Ambalika lost his life in the lap of Abhyatha. Had Sushant respected the heavenly bondage of seven steps and continued the rhythm of stepping together with Ambalika, his life would have taken him on the path of contented ness and fulfillment of purpose of leading life for life. I conclude with my own quote spilling out of crucible of my tumultuous long life of 82 years that; KNOWLEDGE LEADS TO UNITY; IGNORANCE TO DIVERSITY. To give of a Romantic feel of Hyderabad city, the following glowing pictures are posted. CharMinar during night Budha Statue in the Middle of Hussain Sagar lake Rotary Park Beside Tankbund Contact Address G. Raghava reddy( IPS Retd.) 124,psNAGAR MASAB TANK HYDERABAD 500057 I will happy if you feel this articale is worth appreciation you may kindly offer your valuable comments. E_mail_ID: [email protected] Web: www.gongidi.com The power point presentation given in the link below is a fieasta for good thoughts. http://www.documento.com/doc/24274898