Video Confrencing

This report is about video conferencing.It contains features and advantages.
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Sultan Qaboos University Collage of Education ILT Video Conferencing Done By: Al-Rawahi (68707) Al-Hashmi(68697) Al-Tobi(68711) PDF created with pdfFactory trial version Video Conferencing Videoconferencing is a unique method for providing real time interaction between staff and students who are located at different sites. It allows live face-to-face interaction between people in separate locations. Video conferencing are used in distance education to serve many purposes. It provides a facility for committees to meet via Web conference and provides students with opportunities to learn by practicing in a two way communication plate form. Also, it helps students to explore, communicate, analyze and share information and ideas with one another. Video conferencing reduces travel expenses and increase the productivity and telesimnars. There are many features of video conferencing that give it the powerful to be a great tool for distance education. Video conferencing Reduce costs because costs substantially less than traveling and participants will never have to leave their office. In addition, video conferencing save time and be more productive. It brings work to your office instead of taking it abroad allowing you to maintain access to important people, tools, and resources that make your job easier. Another important feature of video conferencing is that it provides unique ways to interact. The online collaborative tools can enhance a meeting like (Document sharing and white board applications give you hands-on experience; textmessaging let you easily manage large group meetings). Finally, it expands your reach and you can reach geographic boundaries and have experience. Video conferencing has many advantages such as login, listen and leave. So, it’s easy to meet with anyone, anywhere. Also, it helps to save money by eliminating travel, accommodations, food and gas. Not only that, but also it enhances your meetings in ways that can’t be done in person and save time and be more productive. However, video conferencing virtual conferencing systems cannot replace the advantages of face-to-face communication (uncomfortable to camera, lose eye contact. Another important point is that as long as there are hackers trolling the Internet, there will always be security threats. Also, the confidentiality of all information that may be transferred is considered as a threat. Finally, like computer compatibility issues or weak Internet connections, video conferencing has these concerns. Video conferencing is used to deliver and support learning by host of resources and access to content providers, teachers, librarians and more. Also, students can take classes at multiple universities and more teachers are adopting video conferencing as a method of enhanced communication and instruction. PDF created with pdfFactory trial version As any other technologies, video conferencing has some concerns that include some points such as what exactly is a video conferencing? What features do I get? Is it safe? What equipments are needed? What does it cost? There are many universities use video conferencing technology to deliver and support the learning of distance education. For example, Exeter University which adopts Pathfinder Project on videoconferencing with HEA and JISC universities. This project ran across 14 months from May 2007 to July 2008. The purpose of this project was to enable evidence-based and informed decision-making in the context of VC, in order to reinforce effective practice and to bring about change. There were different activities such as survey questions design, student presentations, observation of teaching and different interviews with academic and support staff and with students. Another good example is Virginia University. Virginia University used video conferencing system to support co-authoring, interviewing, programming and staff Meeting. Finally, there are many corporations provide different systems of video conferencing such as IVCI and Polycom. In short, video conferencing is a powerful tool for distance education that offer high reality environment as model of face to face environment. PDF created with pdfFactory trial version PDF created with pdfFactory trial version